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VR/AR Fundamentals

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课程概述 / About This Course




Welcome to the weekly pieces on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality “fundamentals”. They’re meant to be fast, brief, holistic, and accessible to non-engineers.

The motivation for creating the series is practical. I get calls from novice VR/AR producers and from check-writing executives worried about expensive camera stitching, or wanting awesome spatial sound, or feeling obliged to always fill the entire 360 degree view. But all too often they are unaware of zero-parallax points and computational photography, of phase differences and binaural audio, or of creative alternatives to full 360s from the arts community. It’s like, for VR and AR, no one knows, or apparently cares, what’s under the hood. The results are often avoidable disasters and thwarted creativity, not good for embryonic systems anywhere, where small changes can have lasting effects.

This is an easy one for me: I’m teaching it right now, as visiting faculty at NYU Shanghai. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving these presentations here and will post them in sync with the class. They’ll be a little scruffy and unfinished, which is fine. Your feedback is welcome!

教师 / Faculty

Michael Naimark

Michael Naimark曾任上海纽约大学交互媒体艺术访问副教授。自2009年以来,他曾先后任教于纽约大学交互媒体艺术项目、南加州大学电影交互媒体学部,以及麻省理工学院媒体实验室。他也长期为人种音乐学家Alan Lomax的全球点唱机项目担任顾问,2015年成为谷歌新创立的虚拟现实研发部首位特聘艺术家。

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