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Game Theory


课程概述 / About This Course

博弈论(英语:Game Theory),又译为对策论或赛局理论,是经济学的一个分支,1944年冯·诺伊曼与奥斯卡·摩根斯特恩合著《博弈论与经济行为》,标志著现代系统博弈理论的的初步形成,因此他们被称为「博弈论之父」。博弈论被认为是20世纪经济学最伟大的成果之一。目前可以应用在生物学、经济学、国际关系、计算机科学、政治学、军事战略,研究游戏或者博弈内的相互作用。是研究具有斗争或竞争性质现象的数学理论和方法。也是运筹学的一个重要学科。 现代的赛局理论的源头是约翰·冯·诺伊曼对于双人零和赛局的混合策略均衡点的发想和证明。

Game theory is a language for studying different kinds of strategic interactions. The players involved might be individuals or organizations or countries, or, further afield, animals or computers, or still other entities. In this course, we will draw a map of a variety of possible strategic interactions and we will think about how each of these possibilities can play out. By the end of the course, we will have learned to use the tools of game theory to understand the world in a new and useful way.

教师 / Faculty

Adam Brandenburger

Adam Brandenburger现任纽约大学斯特恩商学院J.P. Valles讲席教授、坦登工程学院杰出教授、上海纽约大学创造力与创新项目主任。1987年至2002年间担任哈佛商学院教授。拥有剑桥大学学士、硕士和博士学位。研究领域为博弈论、信息理论和认知科学。

Adam Brandenburger holds appointments at New York University as J.P. Valles Professor at the Stern School of Business, Distinguished Professor at the Tandon School of Engineering, Faculty Director of the NYU Shanghai Program on Creativity + Innovation, and Global Network Professor. He was a professor at Harvard Business School from 1987 to 2002. He received his B.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Cambridge. Adam researches in the areas of game theory, information theory, and business strategy.

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