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  • AI Series: AI for Science / 人工智能系列:科学智能 AI001
  • Dance Planet / 舞蹈星球 ART001
  • Public Speaking / 公共演讲 COMM002
  • Git and GitHub for Poets / 给诗人的Git和GitHub CS001
  • Computer Music / 走进智能音乐 CS002
  • Game Theory / 博弈论 ECON001
  • Let's Talk About Money: Basics to Blockchains / 聊一聊钱:从基础知识到区块链 ECON001
  • China: Open or Closed? / 中国历史中的开放与闭塞 HIST001
  • How to Tell a Good Story of Ourselves / 如何讲好自己的人生故事 PHIL001
  • The Chinese Families / 中国家庭 SOCS001
  • Legal Psychology / 司法心理学 SOCS002
  • Ten Things About Social Media / 关于社交网络的十件真相 SS001

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