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Ten Things About Social Media


课程概述 / About This Course


纽约大学教授克莱·舍基(Clay Shirky),推出了名为“关于社交媒体的十个真相”系列视频课程。现在,这些视频课就放在学校网站上供大家观看。



According to Shirky, there are probably a few million people in China whose work can benefit from learning about the “human basics” of social media--both its underlying goals and the limitations that social coordination creates.

Social media has become extraordinarily powerful over the years in China. Shirky said that people are “interested in so much of its analysis, whether it’s today’s funny gif or the quarterly results of Baidu versus Tencent.”

His series breaks down social media’s consistent social patterns into digestible, insightful episodes that appeal to a variety of audiences including programmers, analysts, mobile phone companies, those looking to launch education businesses, language learning services, or anyone curious about how social media really works.

教师 / Faculty

Clay Shirky


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